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  • first base: being in the same room
  • second base: breathing the same air
  • third base: eye contact

I’m back

28. February 2014

I’m back on tumbler sorry I disappeared for awhile. Had a lot going on but hamdulillah am fine. I will be posting a lot more now and doing more videos on my new account.

my new video! how to make argilleh (hookah)

Argilleh <3

6. September 2013


woah thanks for that. I never knew if i should continue or stop reciting.


yeah um i’m ready for fall because i miss leggings and sweaters and boots and scarves and pumpkins and cinnamon and wind and crunchy leaves not to mention the colors of fall and the candles and spooky stories and bonfires and yeah thanks summer it’s been real but it’s time for fall now

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